What is reThinking Numeracy?

A conference to encourage K-12 educators to rethink the notion of what being numerate means and how it can best be taught in the digital age.

When Is reThinking Numeracy?

4 May 2017 – Pre Conferences
5– 6 May 2017 – Main Conference

Conference Themes

  • Mathematical Concepts and Practices

    Explore and develop innovative approaches to looking at and teaching Problem Solving, Reasoning and Proof, Communication, Connections, Representation and other mathematical concepts

  • Assessment

    Assessments that offer teachers important information in the planning of future learning experiences, look beyond the worksheet or test with assessments that leverage technology.

  • The “M” in STEAM

    Highlight the mathematical focus of integrated STEAM inquiry-based instruction.

  • Computational Thinking and Coding

    Explore the power of computational thinking and coding to reveal, develop and learn mathematics concepts.

  • Outside School

    How is numeracy used in the world outside of school? How do we connect students learning to real world uses?

  • Leadership & Development

    Innovative whole school approaches in the area of mathematical literacy and mechanisms to support teachers.

  • Apps & Tools

    Exploration of digital tools to support and enhance mathematical understanding and skills development.

reThinking Numeracy Vision

Provide a venue for discussion and dissemination of good practices around how numeracy is changing and how it is taught in the 21st century.